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  • Amanda Cass

5 Best Practices For A Better Morning

Making a few small changes to your current routine can make a world of difference to not only your day, but your life.

Here are 5 things you can do to not only make you morning, but make you days even better.

Hydrate- Start the day with drinking a glass 16 ounces of water to rehydrate your body, jumpstart your metabolism, and flush out toxins. **Bonus points if you add some fresh squeezed lemon**

Expose yourself to sunlight! This helps to set your circadian rhythm and gets you out to enjoy some fresh air.

Take a few moments to center yourself. Think about your goals for the day, think positive thoughts, read a few pages of a book, meditate or do your mantras, whatever you want to do and whatever works for you.

Get up and move! Walk the dog, go for a hike or get to the gym. Just get your toosh movin! Activity boosts your mood, gets you blood flowing and boosts your metabolism.

Make sure you get some protein. Whether you eat a big breakfast or if you practice intermittent fasting, make sure the first meal of the day has an adequate amount of protein to keep you full and support a healthy metabolism. Protein is not only important for building and maintaining muscle, it is also crucial for healthy hormone function, a strong immune system, and tons of other functions in the body!

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