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  • Amanda Cass

Food Diversity- It's a thing

We can all get stuck eating the same foods over and over. Mostly because being human, we are creatures of habit and eating the same things in rotation can be easy and less time consuming. However, eating a diverse mix of food is MAJORLY beneficial for your gut bacteria!

Our gut is made up of billions of different bacteria and consuming a wide variety of foods helps to keep everyone happily feeding off of each other- in turn, benefiting your immune system, hormone production, metabolism, and more.

Having a diverse diet also exposes you to more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients which are beneficial for your overall health, wellbeing, and balance.

Here are some tips to diversify your plate:

  • Eat with the seasons- Seasonal foods = locally grown = more nutrients = more nutritious.

  • Try 1-2 new foods per week- snack on a new fruit or cook with a new ve Use new/ different spices to mix up the flavors. It's amazing what power your spice cabinet holds

  • Ask your local vendor at the farmers market their recommendation on cooking methods or recipes.

Just remember: As in life and in food, diversity is best!

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