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  • Amanda Cass

Carbs Are Your Friend

Carbs are the most available source of fuel for our bodies and they provide 4 calories per gram consumed.

Contrary to popular belief, carbs can actually help to stabilize blood sugar when the type is chosen properly.

There are 3 types of carbohydrates. Simple, Complex, and Resistant (my favorite!)

Simple (Sugar) - These are digested and absorbed more quickly. Blood sugar spikes when we eat these types of carbs. LIMIT them in cookies, candies, pastry, sugar, and sodas

Complex (Fiber) - These take longer to digest AKA they provide more fuel for our bodies and keep blood sugar balanced. These are found and should be ENJOYed in whole fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, and lentils

Resistant (Starch) - The coolest carb on the block! Resistant starches are carbs that are resistant to digestion AKA they take a long time for our bodies to break down. So long that they ferment in your large intestine and they feed the bacteria in our gut and help the health of our microbiome. A happy gut microbiome equals happy digestion, happy hormones, happy immune system and a happy you!! ENJOY them in potatoes, yams, green bananas, rice that has been heated then cooled (cool, right?!) and overnight oats.

Pro tip: To help keep your blood sugar balanced while enjoying your carbohydrates, pair your carbs with a good source of protein as well as fat. For example:

Oatmeal + Greek Yogurt + Walnuts

Grapes + Beef Jerky + Cheese

Crackers + Turkey + Cheese

So go ahead and show your favorite carbs some love!

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