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  • Amanda Cass

A Vanishing Calorie?? (Gasp!)

Vanishing Caloric Density. It's probably not a term many people have heard, but it is something we have all experienced for sure.

It is a scientific phenomenon and it's the reason we can sit and eat a whole bag of chips, a bucket of popcorn, a sleeve of cookies or a tub of ice cream. Food scientists are messing with us! When a food melts down quickly, it tricks your brain into thinking there aren't calories in it and you are able to eat more and more for-ev-verrr (que in "Squints" from The Sandlot).

Ever wonder why you can’t sit and eat 7 apples? Or a bunch of bananas? Your body recognizes these calories because they are found in NATURE and they were not created in a LABORATORY for the main purpose of making money off of you by you being able to eat more and more. (Know the saying “once you pop you can't stop”? Thank you Pringles).

Foods found in nature are also very nutrient dense options and your body will be able to tell you “Hey, I’ve gotten what I need from this,” without the need to eat a ton. Processed foods cannot and will not give you the same satiety. This is one of the MANY reasons why choosing whole, nutrient dense foods is best. Beat the system!

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